Ailyn Martinez

About Ailyn

Ailyn Martinez was born in Bogota, Colombia. She spent the majority of her younger years in Colombia before deciding to move to Melbourne, Australia at the age of only 17. It was extremely challenging to say the least but Ailyn’s determination to make a life in Australia brought out the best in her, which allowed her to overcome many of her self doubts and limiting beliefs.

After starting from scratch in a country where she knew nobody and could not speak the primary language Ailyn now has almost a decade of Sales experience, has completed her Business Degree specialising in Marketing & HR and is passionate about Business, Entrepreneurship & Woman Empowerment.

For times of solitude Ailyn loves to Read, Read then Read some more! She loves to stay fit by going to the Gym, immersing herself in Yoga & eating healthy. She’s also head over heels for her Cat, Teddy (aka Teddylicious) who she spoils and showers with love (and food) daily.