Slide Into Self Care The Easy Way

Slide Into Self Care The Easy Way

Whether it’s our children, our partners, our parents or our friends, most of us find life is full of caring for others. We give our love, we give our time and we tend to be pretty good at it, too. But what most of us aren’t quite so good at is learning to give back to ourselves. It can feel frivolous, selfish or indulgent to spend time relaxing and nurturing our own wellbeing when we have others to think of – but actually, it’s hugely important. If we don’t practice self-care, we quickly become burnt out and perhaps even unwell, and then we can’t take care of anyone else. So it’s especially important to make your own mental state and wellbeing a priority. The good news is that self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. There are lots of easy little fixes that will keep you in balance.

Discover The Great Outdoors

When the weather is wintery or even when we are busy with work and chores, sometimes we forget to just keep it simple and go outside. There’s nothing outlandish about wanting to reconnect with nature – appreciating a natural environment rather than a temperature controlled building with artificial lighting and being more aware of our surrounds is a natural urge. We all want to feel grounded in our surroundings. Just spending some time in the peace and beauty of the natural world can be hugely restorative – so set aside time to visit your local country park, get some fresh air and calm your mind.

Learn The Power of No

Are you guilty of saying yes to every request that comes your way? Do that too often and it becomes expected by others, and you find yourself with an obligation rather than a favour. Even if you tell yourself that you don’t mind, over time this can lead to resentment and burn out. Saying no to things can make us feel guilty by the more you practice, the easier it gets. Turning down plans occasionally can be very restorative if you just need some downtime.

Listen To Your Body

How often have you ignored the little cues your body gives you? If you find yourself not able to sleep well, tired all the time, with headaches or aching muscles and back problems, it can be a clear signal that you’re on the edge. If we choose to push past these natural messages, it can lead to serious health issues. So make sure that you are caring for yourself first. Try visiting a Chiropractor to sort out back issues, or try alternative therapies such as Reflexology or Acupuncture to deal with persistent muscle pain or tension headaches. Spend a few minutes each night before bed reconnecting with your body – take note of what feels different or out of alignment, and how you feel about your general energy and mood.

Book A Date With Yourself

It’s a good idea to use some of your free time alone. Booking a half day off work to spend on a date with yourself is a great way to keep from feeling stressed and frantic. Do whatever makes you feel happy – from a yoga session followed by a trip to the smoothie bar to going for a Shellac pedicure and some retail therapy – even just curling up with a great book and pot of tea. Reclaiming these little pockets of time can stop you losing your cool.

When was last time you had a day off and relaxed?


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