Business Meeting Travel Tips To Make The Most Of Any Destination

Business Meeting Travel Tips To Make The Most Of Any Destination

If your job means you get to travel, you might be the envy of all your friends! Of course, you know just how tiring and tedious it can really get. Sure, it sounded like a dream job at first. You get to jet all over the world and stay in gorgeous hotels. But in reality, you hardly get to see anything of the countries you visit, and you’re constantly struggling with jet lag. It’s even worse when you travel to places like Brisbane or Sydney. So how can you make the most of your next business trip to Australia or any other city in the world?

Healthy Approach

Plan to exercise and don’t indulge in junk food too much. Having a healthy diet can help you adjust to time zone changes. It might even fend off all those viruses circulating in the plane ventilation system. On the other hand, exercising will help convince your body to sleep better at night, whenever night might turn up. It’s a great way to feel more energized too! Whenever you need a boost of concentration, simply go for a brisk walk or head into the hotel gym. 

Arrive Early and Stay Late

To make the most of your time in town, plan to arrive a day early, so you have a least a night out before the big meeting. Then stay a while after your meeting is over. An extra day gives you a chance to head to the beach! Just imagine what you could get up to in Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD) in a day! If your company isn’t keen to pay for another night, then you can always take advantage of the instant book hotels Brisbane CBD has to offer. It would be a shame to have to spend the next twenty-four hours going home without having at least one of Brisbane’s signature gin cocktails!

Pack Two Bags

Pack your personal bag separately. You can always place it inside your main case to save baggage fees. If your personal and work belongings are separate, then you can separate your time from business time a bit easier. Put your personal phone, your own tablet, and your casual-wear in this bag. Your business persona bag might contain a suit, your corporate brochures and laptop, and a different handbag.

Sleep On The Plane

Don’t be tempted to fill every second with work stuff. Sleep on the plane, so you feel energetic enough to get out and about when you land. If you are long-hauling all the way across the world, then you definitely need to take a few hours to sleep! If you haven’t done so already, check out the city where you’re going online. Book tickets, reserve a good table and see if any friends are free for the evening. Then grab a sleep mask and get some good sleep – it will help with your jet lag too.

Whenever you have to travel on business, don’t feel obliged to be in work mode for the whole trip. Get out there, and have some fun. You work hard, you deserve it. 

What’s your most frequent business travel destination?


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