The Only Thing Your Launch Needs Is Hype. Lots Of Hype

The Only Thing Your Launch Needs Is Hype. Lots Of Hype

If you have just experienced the first spark of a business idea, then your next thought needs to be about a big launch – and we mean big. We’re talking about a spectacle that puts a New Year’s Eve fireworks display to shame. It could be an entirely new business; it could be a client’s brand; it could just be a new product you are adding to your current state of awesomeness; you need to make it stand out from the universe of white noise that is out there.

The reason for this is simple. Actually, there are three reasons, and they are all simple: they get your audience “wee-yourself” excited, they expand your reach well-beyond what you thought possible and they make your audience bigger, and all of that means better profit margins.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to create a mega amount of hype around your launch, no matter how many weeks or months away it may be.

  1. The Smallest Websites Can Wow

Most of the time, the less information you give away, the more intrigue you will create. However, to make this really work and get your ambitions to burst from screens the world over, you may want to hire someone like CandidSky to do your website. It could just be a landing page that you set up, while the rest of it gets developed and tweaked; something that offers a sneak peak, a countdown, some social media images and an email subscription box. That’s all you need.

  1. Call On The Countdown

We mentioned the countdown above and now we’re giving it the detail it deserves. Why? Because countdowns are crucial. They remind people of just how long there is to go until your launch and that builds anticipation, which is an immense tool to have. It is what encourages people to tune in on the day of the big launch, no matter what it is.

  1. Go Behind The Scenes

People are absolutely obsessed with behind-the-scenes shots and little sneak peaks of what is going on in the build-up, so invite people in by adding these to your social media accounts. Anticipation, engagement, more personable and secrecy – it all teases people and that is what you want to do.

  1. Blogging Is The Best

Never underestimate the power of a blog. A blog just possesses so much power. It helps to carve out your branding and really let people see what you are about. It allows you to generate excitement. It helps you boost your traffic. It gives people value without them having to part with any money. And it sees you become best friends with Google. It lets you give your brand a tone of voice that will connect with your target audience. So, if you can write with pizzazz, then great. If not, hire a creative copywriter that doesn’t do boring.

  1. Video Content Creates Buzz

Words are the foundation of great content. It is what stirs the mind. But using amazing videos and gorgeous photography, you are going to lift your launch to new heights and make your brand look even more professional. It could be a teaser video packed full of bright colours, big smiles and slow-mo shots, or it could be a high-def video that sells the products you are selling. Whatever fits with your aims – getting creative is a great way to make your launch stand out.

Which of these strategies will you be implementing during your next launch?


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