Easing Yourself Into A Minimalist Lifestyle For A Happier Life

Easing Yourself Into A Minimalist Lifestyle For A Happier Life

If you don’t know that a minimalist lifestyle can help you to live a happier life, then you must have been living under a rock all this time. The concept has been everywhere. All kinds of people are downsizing their stuff and re-evaluating their lifestyles in order to be happy.

There are documentaries on Netflix that prove to us those with much, much less (we’re talking living in the slums and pulling a heavy ‘taxi’ cart around for a living) can be happier than we are. People seem to think that ‘having more’ makes us happy, when it doesn’t. The novelty soon wears off and before you know it, we want some more. The cycle never ends.

Here’s how you can ease yourself into a minimalist lifestyle if you want to break the cycle:

Have A Strong Reason Why

You need a strong reason why you’re going to be making this lifestyle change, or you simply won’t stick to it. The stronger your reason why is, the better. Perhaps you want a sense of freedom when it comes to material objects. Maybe you want to teach your kids that less can be more. Whatever your reason, or reasons, write them down. Pin them to your fridge, to your mirror. Make sure you don’t forget them.

Have a wardrobe clear out and start living a more minimalist lifestyle this way. Project 333 is all about wearing just 33 items for 3 months. If you can do this, you can probably clear out a lot of your wardrobe and stop the needless spending when it comes to your fashion sense. You will likely still be able to get a good variety of outfits, and won’t feel deprived.

Establish Clutter Free Zones

Easing yourself into this lifestyle can be tough, so start out by establishing clutter free zones. Rather than making the whole house a clutter free zone, start with the kitchen, then the lounge, and so on and so forth. This is a great way to ease your family into it too.

Don’t Get Rid Just Yet – Put Your Things In Storage

If you’re unsure of weather to get rid of stuff and it’s paralysing you from doing anything at all, consider putting it into storage instead. This is a much safer option, explain the team at canningvalestorageunits.com.au. If you want to keep your stuff or need it after a month or two, then you can get it back. If it turns out you didn’t need it, you can recycle, sell, or do whatever you want with it. Better to do this than have regret later on down the line.

Only Shop When You Have To

Don’t go shopping for fun. Find other things to do for fun, like spending quality time with loved ones and reading. Shop only when necessary and you’ll save a fortune, as well as space on unnecessary junk.

Make sure you learn to find the pleasure in the little things, and you’ll feel much less attached to material things. And remember, there’s no a right or wrong way to follow a trend or a lifestyle choice, do what works and feels right for you. 🙂

What will you be decluttering? Let us know in the comments below.


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