Self Care Tips For The Best Start To Your 2018

Self Care Tips For The Best Start To Your 2018

When a new year looms so close in the future, it is easy to start making unrealistic promises to yourself that could potentially be forgotten by the end of January. As the fireworks go off, it can fill you with a sense of inspiration and motivation for having your best year yet, but failing on a resolution in the first couple of weeks is enough to completely diminish that feeling, and leave you stuck in your post-year comfort zone. However, there is a successful alternative. Giving yourself the best start to your 2018, and making sure you are fully ready to hit this new year head on, can help all your hopes and wishes for the year to fall into place. Here are some tips for starting the year right – as you mean it to go on.

Revamp Your Social Media

Social media has risen and invaded everyone’s lives in the past ten years, but with its many advantages, it can come with its many pitfalls. It is time to reevaluate who you follow, and ask yourself how the posts you see affect your mood, mental wellbeing, and opinion of yourself. When you look through your feed whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are you left with the motivation to do better, or feeling like a failure? Do you find advice and appreciation for loving yourself just the way you are or feel the need to lose ten pounds and fork out for a nose job? It is incredibly important to infuse positivity into your life at every chance possible, and your social media should not be neglected. Only follow people that spread kindness, self-love, and support for bettering yourself, rather than spurring a jealous competition inside of you that can make you feel of less personal worth.

Get A Clean Bill Of Health

Making sure you are fully healthy, and ready to take on the year, rather than having a nasty filling or delayed eye check lurking around the corner to take a nice whack at your unexpecting finances, can help sustain your hope and drive for having the best year. Booking in for a full checkup from your GP to check your blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol level, and blood works can reassure you that everything is in working order. Booking an appointment at the dentist to check your pearly-whites and gums, and at your opticians to make sure that your eyes are of good health, should be on your priority list – especially if you’ve been putting them off and are overdue. No one likes the experience of having someone prodding around in their mouth or near their eyes, but the alternative of declining health and a hefty bill are always better to avoid. They are the only eyes and teeth you’ll ever have, so be sure to look after them!

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A Professional Pamper

To start the year with your best foot forward, you should be feeling your best too. Take some time out to really pamper and prepare yourself for the promising, hard-working year ahead. Take time for all the treatments you usually don’t have time for. Book into a spa and get a deep tissue massage to ease all those sore muscles from slaving over the Christmas dinner and the hours spent wrapping all those Christmas presents. Get a good, professional haircut to keep your hair healthy, and free of split-ends. Get your eyebrows shaped and threaded, your legs waxed, and your nails manicured. Taking this time may also show you the importance of remembering to give yourself some “me time” every so often to keep you feeling your absolute best. This is a year to be working on you, for you, and sparing some time to really reconnect with yourself and ramp up your self-love will help you to feel ready for any challenges the new year may throw at you.

Take Care Of Your Inside As Well As Your Outside

Mental health, as well as physical health, cannot be neglected when working towards your future and a successful year. Yes, it is important to work hard but make sure you don’t burn out. Taking up a new hobby or exercise class can help you to get away from your desk or then 9 to 5 grind, get your blood pumping and give an important boost to your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the chemical that becomes absent when a person begins to suffer from depression, so a boost is always beneficial to your mental health. Regular exercise can also help you to feel energised and reduce stress levels that may be building when you return to work after the Christmas break. As well as working out your cardiovascular system, it’s good to give your mind a bit of TLC too. Practicing yoga or meditation can help you to let go, really breathe, and unwind. Your body and your mind are your tools for creating all the success and opportunities the new year holds, so it’s important to reserve time to work on them, as well as your goals.

Evaluate Your Mindset   

Your mindset is an extremely powerful tool that can completely determine the way your entire year unfolds. Ensuring that you are always putting positivity out into the world, will make sure that same positivity is returned. Rather than thinking you can’t do something, think about breaking it down into simple steps that you are able to achieve. Doing this can prevent you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of work ahead of you, for you to reach your goals. Changing the phrase “I can’t do this” in to “how will I be able to do this” will work wonders for your ability to overcome tough obstacles.

Having read through these points, you are hopefully on your way to ensuring that 2018 is the year of positive change for you. Letting go of any negative energy, and embracing love and growth, could be the key to allowing room for the best version of you.

Which of these self care tips will you be doing?


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