5 Issues That Drain Your Productivity!

5 Issues That Drain Your Productivity!

If your productivity levels are not as high as they once were, it’s probably because you are allowing certain things get in the way. We’re all susceptible to getting sidetracked when we should be working, and the horrors of procrastination are well-known by most of us.

But there are some truly needless productivity drains that you definitely don’t have to accept. Read on to learn more about them.

Needless Distractions

These days, there are so many needless distractions we’re faced to contend with. Whether it’s your email account of that social media feed; it’s easy to get lost down a rabbit hole from which you don’t return until it’s time for a lunch break. Cut out these needless distractions and make it impossible for them to cause problems in the first place. Limit your use of your email account and your phone so that you can focus on the work that matters.


We’ve all experienced the lure of office gossip. It’s easy to get caught up in it and you might even start to believe that any of it actually matters at all but it doesn’t. It’s all a waste of time and you should avoid getting involved with it all as far as you can. Focus on your work and ignore anyone who tries to drag you into a conversation about mindless gossip that will probably eat up hours of your day. And let’s be honest, supporting gossip is not the right thing to do. 

Technology Problems

Most of us depend on technology to get our job done, even if it’s just a desktop computer. Having the right technology in business should be a priority for many business owners, this will create an effective and more productive work-flow while minimising precious time being wasted. 

Working Too Much

This might seem like a strange one but it definitely does have an impact on how you carry out your work in the office. If you’re always pushing yourself harder and further than you should, it will begin to take its toll on you and your output before long. You should take advantage of each and every break because when it’s over you’ll go back to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to do your best work for the company.

Good productive output will help you get noticed in the office, and you’ll sooner seal that promotion you crave. Don’t be held back by things that will only cause you problems for as long as you let them.

Aches and Pains

If you feel like your body’s aching all over, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for you to get your best work done. Sitting down for long periods of time and not getting enough exercise can cause serious problems to your health. If you are experiencing aches and pains, you can find places such as the  Next Level Health osteopathic clinic where you can find different types of treatment. Having a health professional in your team to help you deal with health challenges can really boost your productivity. Make your health your priority and your efficiency will come naturally. 

Do you have any other productivity tips you want to share with us?


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