Slay Your Day: 6 strategies to help you get more done!

Slay Your Day: 6 strategies to help you get more done!

Get more done… that’s the dream for many of us…

In last month’s letter from the editor, I talked about the importance of setting strong foundations in our personal and professional lives.

To elaborate further, today I want to give you a few strategies to help you design a daily schedule (that works for you) so you can get more done without losing your sanity.

That’s right! There’s not a one size fits all schedule that will miraculously put you in shape, get you out of debt and have your business booming.

But if you keep reading, you will learn to create the perfect one for you.

#1 – Understand what works for you

Take a good look in the mirror and realise you are unique, you are human and even though you have ambition, this doesn’t mean you are a robot.

The reason why I start with this, it’s because we tend to see what other people are doing and we think we should do the same.

For instance, we all have heard about successful people such as Ivanka Trump, Martha Stewart and many others who have little sleep and work long hours.

That’s great if it works for them, but it doesn’t mean you won’t make it if you don’t do the same.

If you can’t function with 4 hours of sleep, you can’t and that’s ok.

I’m using sleep as an example but this applies to other areas too.

The key here is to recognise your strengths, identify what you need in order to be happy, healthy, productive and sane. 

#2 – Prioritise your health and sanity

As a business owner, you will realise that your energy is your biggest and most precious resource.

It doesn’t matter how much capital and time you have, you can’t perform at your best if you are tired, depleted and not feeling grounded.

Therefore prioritising your mental, spiritual and physical health is essential to your success.

You can achieve this by developing healthy morning routines and everyday habits that will feed your body, mind and spirit.

#3- Minimise and simplify

In today’s world, our attention and energy can get easily scattered across multiple channels.

We are constantly consuming high volumes of information and we are constantly reminded of all the “things” we should be doing or buying.

We live in an era of excess. No wonder why we are overwhelmed!

In his book The Power Of Less… The fine art of limiting yourself to the essential in business and in life, Leo Babauta explains that in order to get more done, we need to do less.

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true.

When you eliminate the unimportant tasks from your to-do list and identify what’s truly essential, you will be able to pour your time and energy on what really matters and see real progress.

Once you have identified the essential, experiment different ways to make things simpler and easier for you.

Slay your day like a boss

#4- Do the tasks that annoy you first and set boundaries

Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

We all have those tasks we don’t enjoy doing but are important, and we keep putting them off till they drain our energy because we know they need to be done sooner or later.

Those tasks are The Frogs, as defined by Brian Tracy in his book Eat That Frog!

In this book, the author explains how we can be more productive and get more done when just do those annoying tasks first.

By applying this principle, you will not have that weight on your shoulders and you can simply move on to more enjoyable tasks after you are done.

You will feel more accomplished and less stressed.

#5 – Break your day down and take regular breaks

Break your day down into 50-60 minutes intervals and during this time immerse yourself in one task. Only one! The idea is to focus and preserve your energy levels.

As soon as your timer goes off, stop. No matter what, step away from your computer and take a break.

Once your break is over, it’s go-time again.

This strategy will help you get more done in a faster way without exhausting yourself.

***This was a habit I picked up while I was at uni. For more Study Tips read this. 

#6 – Manage your expectations

William Shakespeare said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

How many times have you felt disappointed because you set incredibly high expectations for people, projects or yourself and the results simply don’t measure up?

Expectations can truly suck the life out of your passion, relationships and goals.

So keep in mind, you are doing the best you can with what you have been given and trust your determination will get you to your destination.

But it’s imperative that you fall in love with the process and the work you are doing without having any attachment to the results.

In this way, you will be open to opportunities, you won’t limit yourself or feel discouraged. And the results will just blow your mind.

There you go guys, I hope you find this useful.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to share and subscribe.

Do you have any other productivity tips? I would love to know. 

Love, Ailyn

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