Letter From The Editor: Productive September – Time To Reassess

Letter From The Editor: Productive September – Time To Reassess

September is the perfect month to be even more productive!

But first, we need to reassess what’s working and not working in our business and personal lives.

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Lately, I have been thinking about foundations.

And no ladies, I’m not talking about makeup!

I’m talking about solid foundations strong structures are built on. I.e a house, a tower etc.

Just like those structures, our lives and our businesses need strong foundations to withstand changes, challenges, and hardships.

After talking to a few of you on Instagram, I realised that many of us are going through similar situations.

We want to be productive without sacrificing our well-being and health.

Many of us started the year with a packed list of intentions, goals and desires.

However, when we get into motion it’s only normal to get lost in the busy chaos of demands and we start to feel yuck. You know what I mean, right?

See, I used to think that to achieve my goals all I had to do was work, work, work (Rihanna Style).

But as I started working hard, multiple tasks started demanding my time and as your brand grows so do your responsibilities.

So fast forward a couple of months… I was cranky, overwhelmed, my passion was gone and my health was also suffering.

I lost my mojo BUT I was ticking my goal list.

You would think, that reaching your goals no matter what is a good thing but let me tell you something:

It’s not worth it when it’s costing you your sanity, health, and peace.

We are the centers of our businesses and lives, we need to be happy and healthy.

This is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her

So if this is happening to you, this month you can take a few steps to reinforce your foundation.

Who says you can’t be healthy, fabulous and productive?

I will be writing in more detail about this topic. For now, I want to plant the seed and give you this as a reminder to stop, analyze and re-assess.

This is how I have been doing it:

  • I took one week off from my business, gym and other things and I re-decorated my bedroom. Having a fresh and cleaner space totally shifted my energy and my mood.
  • I created a new and updated vision board and I reconnected with my purpose and the direction I want my life to continue taking.
  • I spent a full day with my sister and I allowed myself to have fun and enjoy food, movies and shopping (everything in moderation of course).
  • I took a hard look at my thought pattern and realised this bloody ego is still causing drama in my life so now I am 100% committed to master it.
  • I created a new, flexible, expectation free and organised business and life routine to get me back into motion.

I hope this can give you a few ideas to help you!

That’s all for today and I’m sending you lots of positive vibes and I wish you a very happy and awesome month of September.

How will you recharge yourself and your life this month beautiful? Let us know in the comments below. 

xoxo Ailyn








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