How To Save Money With This Simple Tip

How To Save Money With This Simple Tip

Do you feel deprived of your favourite things because you need to save money?

Do you feel guilty each time you buy something for yourself?

Are you discouraged because your financial goals feel unreachable?

If you answer is yes to one or all of these questions, this blog post is for you! I will show you a fun strategy I have been using for the last couple of months.

You will see your money grow, but you will also get to spoil yourself without having to feel bad about it.

Keep reading lovely and let’s make it rain!

learn how to save money without giving up your favourite things!

How To Save Money Using What I call “The Discipline and Reward System”

A few months ago when I went to the gym, I was thinking about how cardio exercise is more effective when you follow a High-Intensity Interval Training System also known as HIIT.

You see when you do a HIIT work out, you do one exercise and give it 100 percent during a period of time and then you get to rest. I.e 1 min of jumping squats followed by a 10 sec rest.

So that got me thinking about saving money and how we can have more fun and achieve better results.

Often times we set a budget and then we do our best to stick to it. But if you are anything like me, you probably find it hard to stick to it if the process feels limiting and uninspiring.

Or you can be super disciplined but you start resenting the way you save money because it keeps you from living your life and enjoying certain luxuries.

So I thought… I’m sick of feeling like I can’t afford stuff but I really want to create strong financial habits and reach my goals. An then I had it:

“I’m not only going to do HIIT at the gym, I’m also going to do it with my finances!”


How I Did It

1. I picked one goal: I wanted to save money and pay a big chunk of my credit card. I wrote it down on a card and kept it with me all the time as a reminder.

2. I created a MENU OF REWARDS, specially tailored to me. I included things that make me happy such as buying books, getting facials, shopping among other random stuff.

I picked one or a couple of items from that list as my reward for my first set of High-Intensity Interval Savings. I also wrote down my reward on the other side of the card.

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you are being rewarded in some sort of way. Click To Tweet

3. Just like in HIIT, I picked a length of time (5 weeks) where I was gonna go all in and be disciplined to save money towards my credit card.

During that time, I focused on my goal. Hence why I needed a card as a reminder to keep me strong and motivated to work towards my goal and reward.

4. After analysing my budget I was able to choose the bare minimum amount I was going to be saving each week (anything on top of that was a bonus).

That amount also worked as a spending cap for my reward.

I.e If I could save $100 per week, it meant that after week 5 was over, on week 6 I could reward myself with something that was not going to cost me more than $100.

5. I took on the challenge and I meant business. I was determined!

***For more about setting financial goals and for a copy of my worksheet, read my other post here.

The Results

+ The day I went to get my reward felt amazing (I got me a bunch of books, a dress and a pair of tracksuit pants).

The whole shopping experience was so much better because I had worked hard towards it and I had accomplished my financial goal.

+ Because I had a spending cap, I was pickier when choosing my rewards. This kept me from buying unnecessary stuff.

+ Oh my! My discipline reached a whole new level.  It even started flowing into other areas of my life including, health, fitness, business and work.

+ Now I have so much more fun saving money. Big goals don’t feel unreachable anymore because I break them down into “intervals”. I also feel on top of my financial game.

And guess what? I’m almost done paying off my credit card.

What would you like to save for? What will you include in your menu of rewards? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Alicia Manuela

    Wow! I love this idea! I would like to save for a camera. Included in my rewards will be an appointment to see a psychic Medium! Thanks for the financial tips gorgeous…I seriously need help in this area. xx

    • A psychic medium! you need to share that experience with us!!! …I hope this got you inspired and ready to get the funds for that new camera honey xox