Letter From The Editor: My European Love Affair + Ask Ailyn July

Letter From The Editor: My European Love Affair + Ask Ailyn July

Ailyn MartinezMy European Love Affair 

Ever since I was a little girl I was absolutely obsessed with Europe, especially Paris. I remember dreaming about the Eiffel Tower and just hoping one day my wish was going to come true and life was going to give me the chance to go there.

You see, where I come from not many people get the chance to travel the world. Most people don’t realise that popular destinations and holidays are not luxuries available to everyone. Going back to my childhood memories, I used to think it was going to be impossible for me to leave Colombia and let alone visit Europe!

But you just don’t know what life has in store for you. Fast forward a number of years later and I finally found myself in Paris. I almost cried (Ok! I did cry a little) as soon as my plane landed and I realised that more often than we can imagine…

Dreams Do Come True.

By reading the title of this post you probably thought I was gonna tell you about some hot summer fling I had during my visit to Europe. Ha, as if!

But despite the fact, I was flying solo. This was one of the biggest love affairs of my life. I wasn’t worried about anyone else, it was just me, my family and lots of new places. It was pure happiness, pure love.

Quick side note: I know I am mainly mentioning Paris, even though I got to visit many other wonderful cities but Paris has been my dream destination all along.

I know you can tell by reading this post lol.

Dare to Dream a Little Ailyn Martinez

Sometimes because of others or because of society, we tend to put a few of our dreams on the back burner. I know I did. I was resigned to the idea I was going to visit Europe later on in my life. I was giving other areas of my life priority. Since going to Europe is not cheap, I thought I was better off putting my money elsewhere and hope one day I was going to fulfil my dream to go there.

But Life Is About Balance My Friends

I didn’t even organise this trip. My dad just happened to call one day and say: “Ok kids, life is short so the whole family is going to Europe!”. I was paralysed, I am a control freak. I love to plan things myself and have a tonne of time to get things organised.

This time it was different tho. Dad and my beautiful sister planned everything and we were just tagging along. If it wasn’t for them, I was gonna end up visiting Europe God knows when!

So don’t wait till someone happens to have the guts to make their dreams come true and magically make yours happen as well. Honestly, those situations happen rarely and I think this was just life trying to teach me a lesson.

Go and start crossing things off your bucket list. Dad is right, life is short and you gotta make things happen for yourself! just be smart, organised and believe that you are allowed to accomplish certain dreams, even if it means buying your first house may take a bit longer than expected 😉

Now, I’m not saying you should go and forget about your financial future and and spend all your money. But try to to feed your soul while also paving a foundation for your life.

At the end of the day, reaching some dreams will help you gain more courage, confidence and it will make you happy.

Ailyn MartinezAilynmartinez.com Updates 

When I first created this blog, I wanted to post a few times per week. But boy was I not aware of how much work goes into running this! So I have decided to reduce the number of times I post per month.

I want to keep content fresh and valuable while also building other areas of my online business (you will get to see that soon). As much as I would like to be wonder woman, the truth is I only have two hands and one brain to make everything happen. So thank you for sticking with me and having patience while I find a posting schedule that sticks 😏

Now it’s time to answer a couple of questions some of you have asked me.


Q. Hey I really enjoy your blogs. Did you create your layout yourself? – Kye 

A. Hi lovely! I’m so happy you are enjoying my blogs. I hope you find them useful, inspiring and packed with lots of goodness.

If you are referring to the layout of my blog regarding the design, I have created everything myself using a WordPress theme I purchased from Pipdig. These guys are amazing and their themes give you lots of customisation power. My blog is only 8 months old and I have changed fonts, layouts and many other things a number of times to bring it closer to the feel of the brand I am building. So if you are thinking about your own blog, check them out and don’t be afraid to experiment and restyle your blog according to your taste.

Q.How can I be a strong girl when I’m feeling bad and I have my heart broken? – Juliet Collage

A. Hi, darling. I’m sorry you are going through a tough time at the moment, I have been there a few times so I can relate. Healing a broken heart can be a long, painful but a very empowering process. Try to look at it as a way for you to re-assess your priorities and to get to know yourself once again. Your strength will come from the realisation that you can do this and also know you have the power to choose better.

In the meantime, have patience, create a healthy routine and maintain yourself busy doing things you love. I recommend reading and watching personal development videos, this can work wonders! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick a new hobby, focus on a goal or reconnect with your friends and family. Give yourself time to heal, start building good habits and do your best to break unhealthy patterns. Surround yourself with strong women and read blogs like this one to help you rebuild yourself and your life. It’s time to rise like a Phoenix baby and show the world what you are made of!

Sending you lots of love, light and good energy xoxo.

What is your dream destination? 

Photography by: Meric Hakan

Collage made by: Me








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