5 Business Reasons Why You Should Start Loving Yourself Now!

5 Business Reasons Why You Should Start Loving Yourself Now!

Loving yourself. A powerful concept in business. Who would have known? ūüėģ

Many of us walk around doubting ourselves, our efforts and downplaying our accomplishments out of fear of being criticised, judged or hated.

“She just loves herself too much”

“She is so up herself”

“Who does she think she is, what an idiot! what an arrogant b****!”¬†

These are just some of the comments I hear from people when they see a woman being outspoken, confident and owning herself.

Like loving yourself and being confident was a bad thing. I wonder if people knew how hard it is to get to a place where you are confident and secure, to begin with! 

Of course, I’m not talking about being narcissistic or forgetting to be humble.

I’m talking about cultivating healthy¬†self-love to own yourself, create a fulfilling life and build¬†a profitable business.

Why Owning and Loving Yourself will Make Your Business Thrive

Ailyn Martinez

Reason #1: You will make better decision in business and in life

Loving yourself will make you respect your own opinion and develop your business intuition.

Therefore, your decisions won’t be biased by others.

You will do what’s right for you, your business and your clients because you know¬†your strengths and weaknesses.

Reason #2: You stop seeking people’s approval and you start doing¬†things YOU want to do

No more asking for permission or seeking approval.

You won’t waste your time, energy and money on dumb stuff. You will do what makes you happy and won’t apologise for it.

Doubting yourself and worrying about criticism only hurts you, your business and therefore your pocket. #loveyourself #trustyourself Click To Tweet

Reason #3: You will become more assertive

People will respect you and your opinion will matter because you are not concerned about tippy-toeing around.

You will communicate your needs, solutions, opinions and value with certainty and intelligence.

Reason #4: You will become emotionally intelligent and self-reliant 

Loving yourself will give you the skills to cope with emotionally challenging situations.

You will learn to manage your own ups and downs with grace and compassion without using others to make you feel strong and certain.

Reason #5: You will be more creative and have more fun

You will say goodbye to playing safe and being boring.

Trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities will make you try new and fun ways to bring value to your customers.

Freeing Right?

So start loving yourself, experiment and acknowledge your strengths, talents and achievements  OUT LOUD.

If you ruffle some feathers while¬†shining your own light. It’s ok¬†

People need to work on¬†themselves. If someone is hating on you, perhaps do him/her a favour and send them a link to this post ūüėā

Thank you for reading!

Love, Ailyn

What¬†have you been wanting to do but you’re too scared to try? Perhaps a daring photoshoot? A new way to communicate with your audience?¬†

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