Key to Success: Are Your Friendships Helping You?

Key to Success: Are Your Friendships Helping You?

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are: We are who we spend time with.

Well here we are, 2017. We are filled with enthusiasm to start afresh and accomplish our goals in our professional lives. But have you ever thought that the people who surround you affect your journey into becoming the successful person you envision yourself to be?

Key to success- How successful women choose their friends

With no doubt, those whom we spend the most time are who ultimately influence our thoughts, habits and decisions. Therefore, it is important to assess the quality of our friendships and inner circle.

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Think of these people. Do they encourage and motivate you? Are they positive and focused? Or do they spend their time criticizing everything they do and everyone they meet?

Success derives from focus, hard work, perseverance and most importantly the individuals we spend our time with. It is important that we surround ourselves with people who uplift and inspire us. Through them we are inclined to grow and develop into a well-rounded and positive person.

It is important to seek healthy relationships and nourish ones we already have.

Here are some ways that will assist our journey into becoming a happier and successful individual:

  1. Assess the people in your life that possess qualities which can hinder your chances of success. Avoid friendships that consist of unhealthy influences and dangerous activities.
  2. Seek out people that are motivating, inspiring and interesting. Maximise your time spent with them. Never assume that you have nothing to offer in return, your morals and character will always stand out.
  3. Sign up to Newsletters, Blogs and Accounts of people that interest you. This way you are able to access relevant information daily.
  4. Limit your time spent on Social Media and meet inspiring people through local events where you can begin your networking and development.

In saying this, we are ultimately responsible for the outcome of our lives. However, to be surrounded by family, friends, mentors and leaders who encourage, support and believe in us makes the journey worthwhile.

Do you have any other success tips?

Till next time!

Carmella Wilson
Carmella is an avid reader on various genres, passionate in the role of women in leadership and believes that success is acquired through innate grace and confidence.