What To Wear For Valentine’s Day (In The Bedroom)

What To Wear For Valentine’s Day (In The Bedroom)

Hello ladies and guys,

Valentine’s day is almost here! So this is a great opportunity to bring you some inspiration and ideas for what to wear for this special occasion.

If you are a guy and you don’t know what to buy for your girlfriend or wife, this post will give you great gift ideas for her.

On the other hand, if you are single and already feeling down for not having that special someone in your life. It’s time to channel your inner Beyonce and snap out of your misery!

I suggest you go and buy yourself something sexy, put on some heels, wear red lipstick . Grab a glass of wine while you listen to fun music! You don’t need to be with someone to feel sexy and wear beautiful lingerie babe.

In fact, I bet you will feel amazing, empowered and even more confident for doing this for yourself. I know I do.

So with no further delay, here are some great outfit ideas to wear this Valentine’s day:


Lately, I have been obsessing over bodysuits.

They hug your body in such a way that accentuates your curves making you feel feminine and sexy. I decided to wear one when shooting for this post and here are some similar options I hope you will like.

Shop Bodysuits

Lingerie Sets

There is nothing sexier than matching sets. Specially if you pair them with beautiful thigh high stockings (I added some options below in the accessories section).

Shop Lingerie Sets

Bits and Pieces

When Putting together each collection for you, I came across various pieces I thought you may also like. Here are a mix of beautiful bras and panties.

Shop Bits and Pieces


To finish your look, you can add soft jewellery to give it an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Another favourite piece to try this Valentine’s day is body chains. They are super sexy and will make you feel beautiful with your clothes on and off.

Shop Accessories


I hope this post gave you great ideas about what to wear for Valentine’s day and even inspire you to go and spoil yourself a little 😉

To give you an extra confidence boost. I want to share with you guys this great POST  by Professional Babe – Peta Serras, where she talks about the importance of feeling sexy for yourself. Definitely a Must Read!

Enjoy your day guys and thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to share and subscribe.

Which of these looks was your favourite?

XOXO, Ailyn

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